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Fuel price increase expected to hit motorists from the 7 July 2022

South African motorists are not having an easy year, fuel prices have been going up since the beginning of the year. The motorists are not yet to have a break as the petrol price is expected to increase again on the 7 July 2022. This is the fourth time this year that the fuel prices are going up. All the government interventions are falling off, that means the R0,75c levy that was not charged when the government had decided to give the motorist a reprieve is expiring on the 7.

If the government does not bring any new intervention to give the motorist another leeway, motorists will have to dig deep into their pockets to absorb all the current increase.

The Central Energy Forecast has estimated that the fuel increment will be as follows -

  • Grade 93 petrol price is expected to increase by R2,59/ litre
  • Grade 95 price is expected to increase by R2,39/ litre
  • Wholesale diesel is expected to increase by R2,38/ litre

When the prices have been implemented, the cost of fuel will be as follows per litre

Coastal expected price increase

  • Grade 93 petrol: R25,88
  • Grade 95 petrol: R26,01
  • Wholesale diesel: R24,85

Inland expected price increase

  • Grade 93 petrol: R26,53
  • Grade 95 petrol: R26,56
  • Wholesale diesel: R25,47

The bump ride ahead is scary, please share any tips, that can be of relief to all of us. The cost of leaving is going up, nonstop except for the salaries which are increasing at a snail pace.


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