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Botswana bans poultry products from South Africa

Botswana has banned poultry products from South Africa after the agriculture department confirmed a bird flu outbreak in the country.

"Our government plays hide and seek.My first comment when they warn us about this corona virus, Teaching us about symptoms, I said this symptoms are symptoms of chickens n birds flu.We call it Kobokobo ka Setswana n is simple to cure chickens n birds .Chickens n birds symptoms of Kobokobo are this ones Heavy breathing , coughing, Enable to walk n stand, Dropping head.Then in two to three days it dies if not given right medicines. Are this symptoms not the same ?Only three simple things heals chicken flu"said a Facebook follower

"Now it's time for South Africa to ban poultry from Brazil and lift up local farmers, not this thing of lift 5 local farmers and showing them on tv everyday as if you're helping everyday and leaving hundreds and thousands of them in the country,This is good for the people of Botswana. This will boost the local poultry industry there unlike South Africa where chicken imports from Brazil and the US have killed the industry locally"Said a Facebook follower


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