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BREAKING: Cotton Bales Worthy Thousands Of Illegal Goes Up In Smoke

You know this is one of the backup behind the economy of all Zimbabwe, not just an ordinary backup, but time one of the main backups that is together with the farming of tobacco.

A lot of black farmers that are farming in this kind, most of them are well to do. They may not be rich, but they are well respected families. Their finances are a bit stable, and they can afford most of the things in life. So when cotton bales go in Smoke like this, it is a huge damage over the farmers that rely on it to earn a living.

By Jane Mlambo| Cotton bales worthy thousands of United States dollars have been gutted by fire at a Parrogate depot in Checheche, Chipinge.

According to Claris Madhuku who is based in Chipinge, the cause of the fire is not yet known but the fire is believed to have started early morning today around 3am.

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