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Is not too late to hustle, see the woman who brought a brend new truck

Lalah Delia says " You have survived everything you have ever been through. Realize who you are "

 This is an appreciation post to me❤

A 13 years ago she stepped into the Trucking Industry coming from the Corporate world of Banking. 

It was the biggest culture shock ever 😳. 

She was faced with so much criticism in the beginning and being told that this was not an industry for a woman.

 Her place was In the kitchen they said. You will never make it, they said.

She was faced with the opposition trying to get safety files at Mines completed. Take into account she was teaching me as I went along. Would wait for hours to get a signature after she had even made an appointment. Was told that my trucks would never enter their mine ..................

Walked back to her car many times after a frustrating day to cry and wipe her tears and go back again the next day. 

Pulled many all-nighters to meet requirements to gain access to mines. 

Leading a huge staff of Men only was another challenge she had to face as you know that it would have been just as hard for them to have to adjust to being led by a woman. She had to unlearn so many things and learn to lead in this new industry and culture. All this while raising 3 kids and being a Wife. 

She thanked God for her supportive husband and family and friends. 

She thanked God for my staff, My Drivers, and My Office staff who are doing an amazing job. 

She thanked God for being with me then and today as she continues in this Industry. She still learning and still growing......

 This is a post to encourage you to appreciate yourself and recognize how far you have come and how much you have grown.

Remember what they said and look at you now...

Don't be stopped by their words...........

It's okay to cry, but when you are finished, wipe your tears and keep going ............

You can do whatever you put your mind and prayer to...

I know who I Am.........


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Lalah Delia Mines


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