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Opinion:If All Zimbabweans Leave SA The Economy of South Africa Will Collapse /See here

South Africa is the richest Country in Africa .The economy has billion dollar turnover .Many people from other African countries move to South Africa to find better opportunities eg from Zimbabwe Nigeria,Ghana and so many more .But the first to migrate were the Zimbabweans who started coming to SA in the ealry 2000's .

An unpopular opinion i want to adress is that foreigners helped build SA into what it is today.SA would not be the economic giant it is today if it wasn't for foreigners especially Zimbabweans. I know a lot of South Africans will disagree with this but it's the truth.

Zimbabweans came to SA and accepted jobs that most South Africans didnt want like construction work , waiters , cleaners truck drivers .In the early years South African viewed these jobs as demeaning .Thats why they never had a problem with Zimbabweans back in the days .

But now that unemployment has risen and jobs are scarce the same people who didnt want those jobs are realising that they have no other choice but to take the same jobs they rejected or they will die in poverty.Thats why now they want Zimbabweans gone so that they can take those positions .

The truth is if all Zimbabweans are to leave SA today the economy of SA will possibly collapse.They were providing affordabe labour and many companies might close down should they be forced to hire South Africans who demand high wages for doing general work which doesnt recquire any qualifications.

Also lets talk about how the Ethiopians and Somalians are running the informal business. Those people are bringing cheaper items for SA locals .Should they leave Mzansi will be forced to buy clothes and other things from white shops which charges high prices .Without the clothing industry Joburg Economy will collapse and thats a fact .

I could go on the whole day.But in conclusion South Africans must not think that Foreigners are destroying the country when they made it is what it is today .

What do you think about this leave a comment down below lets talk about it. Thank you for reading today's article make sure to like comment and follow for more articles from me .Remember to share this article to all your friends and family and comment down below lets talk about it. See you on the next article.

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