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South Africans Left In Shock After seeing How Much Cooking Oil Costs In Zimbabwe/ Opinion


Life in Zimbabwe is very difficult thats why the citizens are running to neighbouring countries for better opportunities and greener pastures. The economy of the country is in shambles because of the Government.There are no jobs,almost 90% of the population is unemployed .People are surviving on selling on the streets and informal tradings .

A post has gone viral on social media showing how much a simple 2litres of cooking oil costs in Zimbabwe.In south Africa 2 litres costs R50 which is equilavent to U$3,3 but in Zimbabwe it costs U$7 which is equivalent to R105 in Rands .5 litres in South Africa costs R130 now imagine how much it costs in Zimbabwe.

South Africans were very shocked to see this because they are not used to such high prices.Even if things have gone up in SA they have never reached that extent .

This is what happens when a Government is ruled by corrupt people.As long as the leaders have money and their families are not suffering or facing the same problems then frankly they dont care .The economy will go down and the ordinary people will suffer .If South Africa does not vote well also ,very soon we will be like Zimbabwe where simple food items costs a fortune.This has already begun because prices of goods have been going up recently .This is why we must do everything we can to make sure the country is not ruled by corrupt individuals because its very easy to wake up withan economy like Zimbabwe one day .

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