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OPINION| These are the mega deals that require the presidential scissors

The real MEGA deals!

These are the deals that require the presidential scissors, when we mention these things, we are labeled sell outs, Western pawns, spies and many such untruthful insults but the truth is that we love our country, and we know that we deserve better than the mediocrity we have and subjected to. We know that there is better out there, better must come look the type of investor, a billionaire born in South Africa not the types that throws dollar notes in townships, crooks that show off night club receipts

Competition is really getting tough in southern Africa not so long ago this othe president opened mortuaries and toilets, very big achievements I love it. The South African bourgeoisie are real business people whose income can be traced whereas our Zim bourgeoisie are mere dealers whose income is dodgy. This what a president to call not a president who is good at opening garbage bins, bus ranks and vegetable Gardens, so useless some people are

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