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You are an energy that attracts what you are

The mentality you have about a black business owner is a reflection about how you value yourself. If you feel a product should be cheaper, or free, deep down, you are saying there is nothing of value that should come from a black person. Same goes for the business owner who under charges for his products, it's the deep hate inside that you cannot create anything of value.

There are phrases we often use, some used daily in our communities and some stolen by a certain religious book.

1. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

2. Honor your parents so your days can be longer

3. "Don't ever say you are poor"

4. You are what you think/eat

These are some phrases that predates all colonial religions. Let's breakdown some of them


Are you familiar with the con-game of "plant a seed so God can give back to you"? Church calls it Tithes except most times, the God spoken of doesnt give back. Our ancestors walked with true kings and prophets who could communicate with nature. Upon harvest, they called it First Fruits. They would take their best produce and live stock to the king as a token of appreciation so that the royal household is fed and it continues to mediate with the use of it's prophets that nature produces even more and they can climb mountains to beg for rain etc. The poor families were taken care of by the royal household. In other words, the community also fed their poor.

This is the same concept when we acknowledge our ancestors through sacrifice. No, of course they wont drink the alcohol we make for them however it is the thought that counts and a properly done ceremony often come with immediate rewards.

Basically, the saying "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" means "FEED THE SOURCE SO THAT THE SOURCE FEEDS YOU BACK".


Also respect your brothers and sisters. Appreciate the good they bring in life and advise them to take the right direction if they lose their footing. Let me simplify the phrase of honoring your parents. BLESS THE ELDERLY WITH GOOD DEEDS SO THAT THEY CAN BLESS YOU WITH MORE LIFE IN RETURN.

It is not really you they are blessing but your spirit is getting blessings from the ancestors and your parents are mediating on your behalf. "Look at the achievements of my son, he now deserves more". i think there is a verse in the bible about a man who used his talents wisely and was blessed with more talents? And then we know money attracts money and bad luck is always followed by more bad luck. it is the energy you put out that you attract.

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