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I learned the skill to sell my Atchar, I never sold expensive things to be a millionaire says Irvin


There is a man on social media well known as chairman, his real name is Irvin Mashele, he has been making rounds all over the media as a street vendor selling Atchar.

He is one of those street vendors who never shy away from dressing neatly. A man who never came across Irvin Mashele, whose atchar has been selling like hotcakes since 2016. Does not really understand what street marketing really mean.

Unlike other vendors who normally put on a simple T-shirt, a pair of trousers and flip flops. Chairman goes to the streets in suites, what makes him stand out is the fact that he motivates while selling. On a video shared during his interview with Kaya FM chairman explained that he used to be a drunkard.

"The day I stopped drinking alcohol, I woke up the next day selling Atchar on the streets". I realized that alcohol will keep me broke forever. Fact that I had a dream I chose to leave my job and go hustle on the streets.

Cleanliness is everything I chose to be clean so people can start believing in me again. Those who thought I will never quit alcohol and start something beautiful. Today they are all over social media praising my name. I am a God sent people feel overwhelmed to hear what I have to say that is why am trending today.

Chairman explained that it is better to be taught how to fish than be given a fish. The skill will live with you for the rest of your life. Unlike being a CEO that skill will be gone when you to pension. Nobody will ever believe you unlike you bring papers. As for me a Hustler il take you to the streets and show you how to earn a living out of nothing.

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