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A R50 million Ransom secured.

A R50 million ransom secured the release of the four Moti brothers and brought a three-week kidnapping and hostage ordeal to an end, News24 can reveal. The family has denied that they handed over cash. The media won't tell us the truth.

This better not be true cause if it is we deserve to be number in world rankings in crime.I do not know if South African is a joke or a movie, this is too much.

Now it's going to be a trend, more children are going to be kidnapped. Be careful parents, we're in trouble if NOT already.

New way to make easy money. What is the police doing abouThe criminals have now been smelling blood for a while. They have identified the weaknesses of SAPS and kidnappings are now seriously skyrocketing. Are we becoming Mexico? There, people are snatched from the streets. CIT, and now kidnappings. When will the Gov deal with crime?
How was the money paid? If it was digital, there's always a trail? If cash, where did the cash come from and how was it collected without surveillance? I can't believe our intelligence agencies believe this garbage unless they themselves know the truth.

Why is News 24 are you advertising about R50million ransom. Tomorrow this gonna be the new trend. Keep people hostage for money.
ounds more like a money laundering than kidnapping.So the ransom was paid when they were already back home?

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