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OPINION: Department of Mineral Resources and Energ uses covid to grap diamonds

rural village of Kwahlathi in KZN has turn into covid19 host spot, the village has been flocked by villagers after the were claims that the land has diamonds stones,so residents have started digging the land for Diamonds.

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy said thay villagers should stop digging and wait for inspection to be undertaken. The department is concern that people's lIves are at risk as Covid continue to spread in the country with an increase in number of infections and deaths .

How ever villagers have already begin collecting the stones and selling them for as little as R300,they say they are not ready yet to leave the land because the believe the land will change their lives for better.

And believe that the governemnt wants to grap the land to feed their greed ,Covid 19 is just another stunt to get them out of the land .

At first they said it's illegal mining, later they said its not real diamonds, now it's covid hotspot.what will be tomorrow's story ,.

If this are real diamonds there governemnt will remove those villagers out of that land and build them small RDP houses out of the village so that the can steal those Diamonds.the government are doing all means to steal this land .

Responding to the activities KZN Premier, said that the situation may also go against Covid-19 regulations.south african police services officials have been notified of the activities and were task to restore order to the community.

The governemnt should leave the struggling viilagers alone ,the can't help them but they want to prevent to them from changing their lives ,the villagers are not stealing or hurting anyone but they are working hard trying their luck ,maybe this diamonds will change the community which the government itself failed to develop .

Content created and supplied by: Nelson-abasi-Poeticlee (via Opera News )

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