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Cost of living gets too high in SA

The data shows that the average cost of the household food basket increased by R349.82c in January this year. The worst is to be felt financial this week's fuel increase and another expected 9.1% electricity increase that will be in effect starting from April.

Electricity will go up on April for Eskom users and then on 1 July it will go up for municipality customers.

This will be in effect as Eskom approached a court and received an order that the National Energy Regulator of South Africa considers the 2022/23 application immediately to put new tariffs in place by 1 April.

"The financial implications of this decision on Eskom’s long-term sustainability will need to be further understood. It is understood that Nersa considered the impact on consumers and the financial sustainability of Eskom as it made its decision," said the Eskom’s CFO, Calib Cassim.

Cassim also added that the Eskom board should "deliberate further" in their decision to "continue to sustainably provide electricity to the extent possible in the context of this revenue decision".

This being said was to conclude that this decision has been made clearly now South Africa has to face this increase. This electricity increase including the other increases that are already in effect will be so much burden to the residents in South Africa.


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