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Year 2022 Trade Profits: How To Use A Robot.

The world of investing is changing drastically, each and everyday. This offers world investors endless possibilities to earn more money.

The year 2022 is a year of prosperity, "well that's what we tend to say at the end of every year". Life is so unpredictable, and yet here you are, ready to explore new life changing opportunities.

Automated trading is slowly replacing manual trading. A trading robot allows a trader to make profits without having to analyse nor place a position. Not to say you should stop analysing your charts or change your trading strategy.

Trading robots are there to increase and guarantee you profits to up to 250% only if you combine it with your current trading strategy. It is best to first test the robot on demo, then use those signals on a real account only once you confirm the signal is accurate.

Let me take you step by step on how to install a robot on MetaTrader:

1. Go to file manager, extract the robot file and copy the robot file. ( Some robots include instructions)

2. Open your MetaTrader platform, click on file, then open data folder. Choose MQL 4/5 depending on the platform you're using.

3. Click on expects, then paste the robot file there. Close the tab and head back to your MetaTrader navigator, look for expects then click refresh.

NB: Make sure AutoTrading is active. Click here to learn more. See More.

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