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It has ended in tears for the domestic worker who refused a retirement package of R40 000

Greed is the one factor that is acknowledged to break human lives. Some people can not simply get glad with what they have in order that they locate ways to get greater however those methods normally backfire.


 A positive South African lady named Elizabeth become trending some past days after she went public and expressed her dissatisfaction in the direction of her retirement bundle. Reputedly her boss had provided her R40 000 as a retirement package and agreed to give her a stipend of approximately R1500 every month up until she dies.

She went on social media to say that she deserved tons more as she become taking care of her boss’s multimillion rand homes. A whole lot of people felt that she turned into unappreciative and just being grasping.

Anywhere it did no longer give up properly for her as has been kicked out of her bosses’ belongings in which she turned into staying since she determined to head public with a private count number.

Sometime it is truly critical to be content with what we've and no longer attempt to take advantage of the folks who could be assisting us.

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