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How can the business projects contribute towards community?

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13 April 2021 19:00pm

How can business project contribute towards the community?

The trend for business to become involved in the social and economic development of communities in which they operate is growing.

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Business establish themselves within a community.Over time the interaction between the business and the community becomes an intimate two-way relationship.The business may hire staff within that community and sell its products and make profit from the community.It is therefore in the best interest of the business to develop a good relationship with the community and to get involved in development projects.

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As the members of the community received development and education,the potential workforce becomes more skilled.The more skilled community members are,the higher their wages, resulting in an increase in the potential buying power in the community.This benefits the business in community.

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First Rand is an example of business involved in community development.They launched the First Rand Volunteers Programme in 2003, which supports employees who want to volunteer in community building efforts.The project must be team efforts that help the community.First Rand matches the money donated by employees with funding for the project.Employees are encouraged to use the money to buy things that the community needs rather to give money.Projects range from supporting homes for the handicapped and vegetable gardens to coordinating volunteers across the country and supporting environmental and wildlife programmes.

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