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SA Is Dangerously Moving Towards Total Blackout According To An Energy Expert

SA moving towards a total blackout, says energy analyst

We hope that these are not the simple panics of the ordinary members of the public who are simply reacting to the current situation the way that it is, and we hope that more can be done in order to deal with this matter in a way that is going to ensure that there is progress.

The Country is definitely moving towards a situation where the members of the public are going to cry even harder because of the situation that we are in AMD this is according to the officials who know what they are talking about which is that the Eskom is at the brink and they cannot keep up with the demand and supply for electricity.

We are in a very tough situation as we speak u fortunately and that is the issue that we are having as the ordinary members of the public which is definitely something that we cannot fix unfortunately because it creates a tough situation that cannot be avoided, if it happens so be it.

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