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Can You Believe Motsepe's Rain Is Already Worth A Whopping R15.03 Billion

As everyone probably knows by now, Rain is a data only network that's currently making waves in the telecommunications world as it offers really amazing unlimited data packages at a really cheap price affordable to most people.

Now it's public knowledge that Motsepe ARC's owns a 20% stake in Rain. Apparently ARC paid billions to finally acquire that 20% stake in the start-up. So far rain is really doing well especially when it comes to singing customers on a regular basis.

Now the MyBroadband team were recently speaking to Rain's CEO Willem Roos about how's it going so far with Rain. Mr Roos explained that although is no child's play running a start-up, they're actually seeing progress everyday in the office and that was really nice to see.

He further revealed that Rain has made so much progress that as of now, it currently has a valuation of around R15.03 billion which is really huge because the start-up isn't even a decade old yet.

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