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Bad News for all South Africans


The high unemployment rate, soaring energy costs, and rising prices for food and other needs are just a few of the problems that South Africa is currently confronting.

The expense of life is quite expensive, far above any reasonable expectations. There have been many people who have been having trouble making ends meet due to the rising cost of food and other needs and the expense of living in general.


In the thick of winter, load shedding is just another problem on top of everything else going on in the country. Electricity is strained due to the low temperatures.

The bad news is that Eskom has implemented stage 6 load shedding, which has been in effect for the past few days at stages 2 and 4.

Stage 6 loadshedding will begin in South Africa at 16:00 on Tuesday, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

Stage 6 load shedding will be reinstated tomorrow.

Considering that load shedding was initially adopted in 2008, its continued use is surprising.


It appears that a long, chilly winter awaits the country. Load shedding is here to stay and is not going away any time soon, as we all know.

Since stage 6 load shedding was enacted to begin immediately and without prior notice, people were not afforded an adequate period of time in which to make necessary preparations.



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