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Germany is in trouble and a hostage of Russia. If Russia pulls the plug, the German economy will die


The CEO of Uniper also said that Gazprom doesn't intend to increase inventories through Nord Stream 1. He said the Russian company could increase inventories at any time. Meanwhile, gas prices in Europe are trying to renew their original outside moment the quotations are over 6%.

Klaus Müller, head of the federal network agency (BNA), will be in charge of rationing gas supplies if Europe’s largest economy suffers a winter energy crunch. “If we fail to reach our target [of 20 per cent gas savings] then there is a serious risk that we will not have enough gas,” he told the Financial Times.

Müller said Germany would also need about 10 gigawatts of extra gas supply from other sources to make up for the missing volumes from Russia — largely liquefied natural gas from countries such as the US. That represents about 9 per cent of its current gas consumption.

Director of Germany's largest gas company thickens the shadows and says, gas inventories are anticipated to be problematic in downtime. Germany's gas reserves will be sufficient for lower than three months.

In the event of a complete halt in inventories from Russia, Germany's gas reserves will be sufficient for lower than three months, the head of the German controller Klaus Müller said.

still, but there's no Russian gas force at each, the energy for heating, If we manage to fill gas storehouse installations by November by 95%.

" I can not promise that all gas storehouse installations in Germany will be 95% full in November indeed under good force and demand conditions. At best, three- diggings of them( gas storehouse installations) will reach their targets," Müller said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Ever- aware of his citizens ’ adding fiscal straits and spiralling living costs, the German chancellor took the occasion to inform Germans that rebuilding Ukraine will potentially be the most expensive reconstruction plan in history, suppressing thepost-WWII Marshall Plan.

The 1947 US- patronized Marshall Plan bring the fellow of around$ 150 billion in moment’s currency, and the quantum transferred to Ukraine is anticipated to be much further. before this month, it was reported that Ukraine was asking foreign benefactors for hundreds of billions of bones

For reconstruction sweats, suggesting that the EU would ante the bill for the bulk of the backing package and give Kiev with over$ 523 billion. President Zelensky has also demanded$ 5 billion per month to cover Ukraine’s budget deficiency.

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