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6 Of The Richest Kids In The World Who Made It On Their Own

We live in a developing society where some people come from affluent families and others make their own fortunes, and there is nothing like heritage in their stories.

Since then, we have seen two-year-olds become multimillionaires. This helps to explain recent global changes. You'll learn about the world's six richest children in this article, all of whom earned their fortunes on their own.

1. Anastasia Radzinskaya.

A well-known Russian Youtuber influencer, this young lady was born in the United States and raised there. Natsya is her YouTube handle, and she's well-known there as well. However, her channel has a large international following, thanks largely to its focus on children's and toy-related programming. As of 2016, YouTube has over 190 million users and generates revenue of over $18 million a year through advertising.

2. Ryan.

Next up is Ryan, a 9-year-old YouTube sensation who maintains his reputation as one of the world's wealthiest children. This man also has a million dollar-plus year income and holds the world record for having the most subscribers in the millennia.

3. David Morris

At the age of 7, David Morris began uploading music videos to YouTube. Instead of releasing the original recording, he remixed well-known tunes. There are billions of people who watch his videos every month. He makes around $3.5 million a year.

4. Alina Morse

Alina founded Zolli Candy when he was nine years old. The business makes sugar-free confections. After his father warned her that sweets is bad for her teeth, she decided to watch YouTube videos to find a guy who didn't have any sugar in them. She even meets with stores from all around the world in person. She earns roughly $6 million a year from her company.

5. Aloisio Nick.

Nick was 15 when he created the iPhone app Summly, which he intended to use for news and history. Nick later sold the app to Yahoo for $20 million dollars.

6. Evan

Finally, Evan possesses a great deal of skill, as evidenced by his father's recordings and, most notably, a collection of 'Angry Birds' action figures. They made the video for no other reason than to have some fun and show it to their loved ones; they never intended to make it public. However, the video quickly went viral. As a Youtuber, he currently makes roughly $1.5 million a year.

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