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Here Is Why The Banking System Needs To Change

A co-ordinated methodology started and supported by the foundation to cut down the organizations connected to the Sekunjalo Group as well as its executive, Dr Iqbal Survé, isn't working.

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The Sekunjalo Group is continually excusing related promulgation heaved by any semblance of amaBhungane, Daily Maverick and News 24, which is depicted as an endeavor to weaken and sabotage the dark possessed combination.

The foundation needs to smother the voices that are focused on change and Black financial strengthening. This promulgation crusade started in 2018 and is presently going full bore as the 2022 ANC National Conference quick methodologies.

Yet, they are reaching an impasse and plans as the Sekunjalo Group has made its voice heard at the Competition Commission, the Competition Tribunal, the High Court and presently, the Equality Court.

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A treachery is committed by banks on Iqbal Survé and the Sekunjalo Group

It is likewise certain that the foundation and the media intermediaries can't stand to have Sekunjalo and Independent Media contending in a similar space, so following a four-year endeavor at attempting to disable the gathering, they have now depended on getting the banks to bargain the "last blow".

Yet, what the foundation didn't expect is for Sekunjalo to retaliate. The gathering has returned more grounded, and has a laid out help base, every one of whom are saying that that's it!

Stop the maltreatment by South Africa's almighty financial crew. Stop the maltreatment of our destitute individuals utilizing oppressive and racially-based strategies. Stop the maltreatment by South Africa's almighty financial brotherhood of financial imbalance.

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