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Load-shedding is back: Rotational power cuts all weekend, Eskom says

After eskom ceo promised that he is doing all in his powers to stop load-shedding by doing a provincial rotation power cuts.

But its seems like he has failed in stopping the load- shedding as eskom announced the returning of load-shedding this festive season.

The load-shedding stage 2 will be implemented from 6am to 23:00 its not clear why load-shedding is back in our lives especially in summer.

People took to social media criticize the eskom abd and questioning the timing of the load-shedding. One said " we are dealing with covid-19 on the other side we have to deal with load-shedding honesty when are we going to get rest she asked.

People are advised to visit their municipalities website to check the group they belong to. This load-shedding seems like it will continue till tomorrow.

Eskom has ask people to use electricity wisely and turn off electricity appliances.

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