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Next week, all 350 grant recipients who were not paid last month will be paid. Continue reading

As a direct outcome of Sassa's strategies and methods, a total of 350 awards have been distributed as of this moment. The manner in which Sassa collects payment from its customers has left a great number of individuals perplexed. There are others who believe that in order to make amends for one's misfortunes, one must pray more fervently. On this topic, everyone has their own point of view; some people are convinced by it, while others are more doubtful. To me, it seems as if everything just happens by chance.

When asking for a grant from the 350 club, you need to be patient if you want to get the money to which you are entitled. If you have the Moya app downloaded on your smartphone, you may check your balance whenever you want, day or night, regardless of the season. Simply opening the app and tapping the button labeled "Balance" will allow you to see your available funds. You are not need to give any personal information in order to make use of the application.

You should check back often on the Sassa website or the internet for any developments on the 350 prizes. Everyone will get their full payment this month to make up for any payments that were late or skipped during the previous month.


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