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Fikile Mbalula Celebrates 100 Locally Manufactured Trains


The efforts have been made by Fikile Mbalula and the other relevant stakeholders who are very inspiring to many members of the public, because they are showing us that they are really trying to do something and turn around the situation that the members of the public found themselves in.

That is all we can really ask for because there isn't anything else that we are serious about except that part, we are really glad to see that the leaders are doing something that is very inspiring and they are trying to change this whole situation.

But they also approaching this matter in a very incorrect manner because they're not dealing with the core problems that we're experiencing in the country, and that is why they are going to hit a brick wall once again.

And they are finding themselves in a situation where the infrastructure has been stripped bare because it was quite a common sight, so many of us are very interested in knowing how they are going to deal with the issues at hand because they are definitely getting out of hand.

They promise to develop new talent producing young engineers who are some of the most skilled in the world, we hope that these dreams of theirs are not only promises that will never be fulfilled because this is something that has become a Norm in the party were by you find incidences were projects have been proposed but never really finished but the fact that there has been monies which was spent towards them

They will mark the 100th train production milestone of Isitimela Sabantu, apparently this is supposed to be a very joyous celebration for these individuals but the general consensus on the matter is that these are simply for decoration.

Because there's no infrastructure from which they are going to be traveling, that is why it is so useless for them to even be developed.

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Fikile Mbalula


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