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Again: Good news to all SASSA R350 beneficiaries on November payments

It's getting close to the end of November. Many qualifying beneficiaries of the R350 Grant have been waiting for the payment for November since the last payment for October was made during the month of October.

However, according to the SASSA, there is no specific date for when payment will be paid to beneficiaries. When asked about a precise time period for when persons will be approved and paid, Sassa stated that there is no set date for when payments would be made. In accordance with the SASSA's status dashboard, payments for November have begun yesterday, 17 November 2021. If you haven't gotten your payment for November, it could be because you haven't been been allocated a payday, or it could be because you have been approved but have a payday coming up in the next couple of day since beneficiaries don't get paid on the same day. Check your application status to check whether you have been approved or if you have a payday coming up.

Following their payday, candidates who have submitted their banking information will receive their funds on the same day that it is displayed in their application status, according to SASSA. The last three digits of a person's identity number must be used at the post office location for those who registered to collect their grant at the post office. When receiving payments through the post office, those who receive them should double-check their identification number as well as the date on which they received the payment at their local post office before picking up their money.

If you have already submitted an application recently, kindly check the status of your application on the Sassa website to find out your if your application have been approved or declined.

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