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Cost of Zimbabwean manufactured juice, sh0cked so many people

Many people were shocked by the high cost of Zimbabwean-made juice. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to afford to live in the South African region. There has been a huge rise in the price of food and other necessities to the point where even the poorest of the poor can no longer afford them.

Cooking oil prices in South Africa have soared from less than R50 per liter just a few months ago to more than R100 per liter now, a problem that affects people from all socioeconomic groups. 

Many individuals were surprised to learn that a locally made juice called Mazoe was being sold at a much higher price than they had previously been used to since they were not used to the new cost. 

"HARIZARE my people, The cost of living has spun out of control to the point where necessities such as Mazoe Orange crush is now a true luxury," Hopewell wrote in an emotional letter to Zimbabweans. 

One of the world's most celebrated journalists said, "This will not fix itself folks; everyone who is entitled to vote must register, actually vote, and then defend their right to do so.


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