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Capitec Bank Clients Left Feeling Frustrated After Struggling To Access The Banking App

When it comes to Capitec banks, there are always complications. Otherwise, the banking app isn't doing anything for the customer.

It was a frustrating day for Capitec bank customers, since they were unable to use their mobile banking app or USSD service. Unable to access their money in the bank account, many people found themselves in an awkward situation. Only Capitec's IT professionals are "doing everything they can" to fix the problem that their clients are experiencing, according to the company's only statement.

Dissatisfied customers of Capitec bank were outspoken in their displeasure. People were threatening to walk out on the bank, while others were fearful that they would wake up one day to find their money gone forever.

The following is what @mandlamabas wrote: "As a result of your inconvenience, we are unable to access our own money. Your IT department must step up their game... A bank cannot spend five hours resolving a technological issue."

According to what @tiyanimbhungana wrote, "As you'll soon come to realize, Capitec will steal our money.


@SOSHA HD tweeted: "It's been two days and I still can't access the app, so whoever's in charge of fixing it needs to step up their game. Since yesterday, I've been unable to do any of the tasks on my list. You guys can do better than this, I know it. Come on! The situation is intolerable!"

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