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Solutions To Better Zimbabwean Economy - OPINION

Zimbabwe has a very bad economy, this comes as a resylult of multiple factors, there are solutions that can be used to redeem the country before it becomes damaged for good.

It most certainly won't be easy to rectify the mistakes that have been made by the previous leader, but it is up to the current leader or any future leader to make the changes happen.

In order for Zimbabwe to redeem its economy, corrupt activities need to be minimised, one of the reasons why the situation in Zimbabwe is bad is because of corruption.

Any individuals found doing anything corrupt should be held accountable. It is important to introduce accountability as this will show that the government means serious business.

The government needs to be forthcoming with their ideas and plans, this way potential investors will have faith in the country and its ability to make use of investments well.

For the change to come, everyone must work together, but the government must lead to the change.

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