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Pictures|| Beautiful House Designs Which One Is Your Pick? - Opinion

A home is a single-unit residential building with plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that can range in complexity from a simple hut to a complex construction of wood, masonry, concrete, or other material. To keep rain and other forms of precipitation out of the living space, houses employ a variety of roofing systems. To secure the dwelling area and safeguard its people and goods from burglars or other trespassers, houses may feature doors or locks.

 In Western countries, most traditional contemporary residences would have one or more bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen or cooking space, and a living room. A dining room may be separate from the rest of the house, or it may be incorporated into another room. An entertainment room can be found in certain large residences in North America. Domestic animals such as chickens or larger livestock (such as cattle) may share a portion of the house with humans in traditional agriculture-oriented communities.

 A household is the social unit that resides in a residence. A home is usually some kind of family unit, but it can also be various social groups, such as roommates or unrelated people in a rooming house.Some houses only have enough room for one family or a similar-sized group of people; larger structures, such as townhouses or row houses, may have many family residences in the same structure. Outbuildings, such as a garage for automobiles or a shed for gardening equipment and tools, can be added to a house. A house may include a rear, front yard, or both, which are used as additional locations for residents to relax or eat.

 Many homes contain a combination of large rooms with specialized functions and little rooms for various reasons. These may contain a living/eating space, a sleeping area, and separate or combined washing and lavatory areas (if appropriate facilities and services are available).

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