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Take a look at the top ten wealthiest cities across africa (2021)

Wealthiest African Cities Based On Number Of Dollar Billionaires and Millionaires Living in them

The Ranking is based on the the total networth of all the dollar Billionaires and Millionaires who live in them. Although South Africa dominates the list with four cities (most of their Billionaires are white), Nigeria arguably has the highest number of Black billionaires + Millionaires Living on the continent.

This is as indicated by a report distributed by New World Abundance for Mauritius-based AfrAsia Bank. 

The abundance report positions the most affluent urban communities in Africa considering private abundance held. The report characterizes the "all out riches" of a city as the individual abundance held by every one of the people living in it. 

Any remaining resources (property, cash, values, financial matters) are considered less any liabilities. Government reserves are prohibited from the computation. 

The most crowded city in Africa, Lagos was positioned fourth. Its abundance is assessed to be at $96 billion. The report expressed that Lagos has 2 dollar extremely rich people and nearly 5,400 tycoons. 

The information was assembled in December 2020 and, subsequently, considered the effect of the Covid flare-up. 

The following are the best 10 most affluent urban areas in Africa:

1: Johannesburg, South African ($248B)

2: Capetown, South Africa ($133B)

3: Cairo , Egypt ($129B)

4: Lagos, Nigeria ($96B)

5: Durban, South Africa ($54B)

6: Nairobi ,Kenya ($46B)

7: Pretoria, South Africa ($45B)

8: Luanda, Angola ($42B)

9: Casablanca , Morroco ($39B)

10: Accra, Ghana ($35B)

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