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Russia strike again, Ukraine over crowded mall allegedly hit by a Russian misle: Opinion

Ajazeera news live on DStv channel 406

For those of us who remember that, when the world was still struggling with the solution on how they can deal with the economic balancing that was damaged by the coming of of this pandemic. It happened when the world was recovering there was another hit that landed on the ground, which is the war between Ukraine and Russia. Corona has caused high inflation, and makes the living specially to the third society countries to be very difficult.

We have seen how certain businesses closed down that include both small and big industries. Some people lost their jobs, some government aids that were the hope of the people were stopped. Things just went up dramatically while the world was crying about the damage that Corona has done to the economy, it also came as a surprise when Russia started attacking Ukraine.

These countries they are known for playing a major role to the economy of the world, especially on food supply and oil. So with the oil not so accessible to the United Nations unless at a certain price, it made everything to even go up causing a further damage from where Corona has left.

It looks like there will be no recovery to the economy of this word, unless by the grace of God. People are looking forward to see the end of the war between Russia and Ukraine, but it was recently reported that Russia has attack the Ukrainian mall that was overcrowded. This means there are people inside and when such public places starts to be a target, it also shows that this is far from over. We pray for peace and stability of the world.

Thank you.

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