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Business People Must Watch Out For Gayton Mackenzie, This Is What He Did To Indebted Sun 1 Hotel

Sun 1 Hotel owes 500 thousand rand, we just cut their electricity, no fear no favour says Gayton Mackenzie who has been cleaning up the Central Karoo recently. For all those who did not know this is Gayton McKenzie and he seems to be coming for all those people in the area who have been exploiting the municipality and getting away with a lot, in terms of owing the municipality a lot of money.

And luckily they have never had incidences where they were pursued and that is the problem that we are experiencing today, is that the recklessness of these municipalities in ensuring that businesses and private citizens are paying their bills has resulted in the power utility having no choice but to raise the tariffs.

To ensure that they're recouping the money somehow - we also have another issue where people are simply defrauding the state through illegal connections, and this is exactly what has been the cause of the problems that we're experiencing.

Now if the people who are not paying are disconnected it would leave a lot of power for all those people who are paying and there won't be a need for anyone who pays their bills to experience load shedding, it is just a very massive project that has to be done.

In order to ensure that this is done properly so we are very surprised and waiting for the right person to come up and take this project head on, and it looks like Gayton Mackenzie's someone who is definitely doing the right thing and ensuring that the wrong things are made right in our society.

We cannot kill continue to live a life where criminality is the order of the day and we accept that, we have to ensure that the criminals are prevented from abusing the resources of this country and subsequently causing unforeseeable problems for others.

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