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GHANA Beat South Africa With Currency And Their Women|See This(OPINION)

Beauty, as the old saying goes, is in the eyes of the beholder, but in terms of currency, it is in a country's worths, GDP, economy, and statues. Well, As much as you don't like to admit it, women from Ghana are far more talented and blessed than women from South Africa. Another thought is that its currency is higher than South African Rands when compared. This has been the case for a long time, and I doubt it will change very soon.

I did some research on Google, and to my surprise, when I looked up how much a South African Rand is worth in comparison to a Ghanaian Cedi, I couldn't believe my eyes. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of what I found online.

One Ghanian Cedi is worth 2.42 Rands, as you can see in the screenshot above. It is not as high as it is in other African countries, such as Nigeria, where one South African Rand is worth one Nigerian pound (28.32 Naira).

Apart from the fact that the GHANIAN currency is higher than the South African currency, another way in which I believe Ghana is better off than South Africa is in the area of women. In comparison to South African women, Ghanaian women are thick, curvy, and beautiful. Well, I can't say everything, but I believe that Ghanaian females are among the curviest in Africa, followed by the South African or Nigerian girls.

In terms of attractiveness, I believe that the majority of African countries share the characteristics of the Ghanaian ladies seen in the image above. But, Forget, beauties, keep in mind that we are all one. Africa is a single entity; we are bold, black, and gorgeous.

Share your ideas and comments below, as you can see from the photos of Ghanaian ladies above.

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