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Cyril Ramaphosa is the best president in the history of South Africa | Opinion

At the point when you hear the name Cyril Ramaphosa a ton strikes a chord, he is the leader of South Africa, A notable finance manager and what could likewise ring a bell is the issue about the PhalaPhala Game Farm.

In this article I will offer my viewpoint regarding the reason why I feel that Cyril Ramaphosa is the best president in South Africa.


Cyril is the best president, we've at any point had in South Africa, the main issue that I see is that South Africans have just centered around the outrages that Ramaphosa is "Involved" in however at that point we haven't exactly taken a gander at the beneficial things he had done.

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What has he done that brought change?.

One extraordinary illustration of what he has done is that he presented the R350 joblessness awards in which individuals are as of now supporting themselves. Lives with despite the fact that it isn't so a lot, yet it meaningfully affects individuals.

A second extraordinary model is that since he accepted rule as the leader of South Africa ramaphosa sent off various foundation projects one of them being the lodging project he sent off in Pretoria which is supposed to be worth over R30 Billion.

The rundown could continue forever however at that point I positively trust that you in all actuality do get the point. The guide I'm attempting toward raise is that we should not pass judgment on an individual in light of the negative things that he is supposed to be 'engaged with' however we should check the up-sides out.

You by and by wouldn't really care for it on the off chance that vacationers didn't visit South Africa as it is said that is a wrongdoing ridden country loaded with defilement. Sightseers continue to visit our wonderful country due to the positive realities about it.

So to this end I think Ramaphosa is the best president throughout the entire existence of South Africa.

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