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Stage 6 Loadshedding starts today, Here's what time it will begin and end. Opinion.

For a while now Eskom has been telling us that stage six loadshedding is a possibility. However now it's has finally been confirmed. According to a press release posted to Eskom's Facebook page, stage six will begin today. Below I will give you all the details on it, tell you when it will start and end and give you some tips on how to deal with it.

The Press Release :

According to the press release, stage six loadshedding is occuring due to unlawful industrial action.

The unlawful and unprotected labour action has caused widespread disruption to Eskom's power plant. This has lead Eskom to precautionary measures to conserve generation capacity and safeguard the plant from damaged.

Stage 6 Loadshedding will be implemented from 16:00 to 22:00 this evening, after which Stage 4 will be implemented until midnight. Different stages of loadshedding will continue to be implemented after that until stage six is once again implemented from 16:00 to 22:00 tomorrow evening.

For more details you can read the full press release below or scroll down for some tips for how to prepare.

Tips to Prepare :

First and foremost you should put all your mobile devices on charge. These include cellphones, tablets, laptops and portable entertainment systems. If you are at work or working from home, I urge you to regularly save your work every few minutes, so that you do not lose it if the power turns off.

You should also free water in the fridge and put hot water in a flask so you have it available for your beverages if you need them and finally prepare food as early as you. If you don't you can also prepare food on a fire or order out.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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