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A guy was kicked out by the manager for wearing Ndebele attires at Boulders Shopping Centre Midrand

In south africa there are different kids of cultures. Some people respect and embrace their culture even today they tend to wear their cultural clothes any day anytime anywhere. But some people don't go eye to eye with people who tend to wear their cultural clothes in public places. There's this video on Twitter that is recently trending of the shopping centre manager telling the guy who was wearing a Ndebele attire that he was wearing inappropriate then he must leave his complex.

The scene happened on clicks, though clicks midrand Boulder did not even ask the customer to leave, the one that was wearing the Ndebele attire . The centre management Boulders came with the security to the clicks store and commanded the customer to leave.

The click store manager intervened and asked the centre manager to excuse them and leave the store so that the customer could continue to shop. The click manager said they are very embarrassed about the situation and they will be putting a complaint on this.

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