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The Business Of Selling Eggs: How To Make It Profitable

Poultry farming is one of the biggest industries in South Africa and has been growing stronger than ever before. If you are thinking on jumping into the bandwagon and explore some of the opportunities that comes with breeding chickens and selling their eggs, this article is for you.

Locking in customers

Just think about the type of potential that can be unleashed when you keep your customers happy. It's always recommended that you put their needs first and find out from them what kind of a service they are looking for. After gathering this information come up with solutions that are going to get rid of all the pain points whilst sheltering your clients from the attention of your biggest competitors.

— Recurring business revenue is solely dependent on customer service.

— The more value you provide for your customers the more likely that they are going to buy from you continuously.

Marketing and Branding

Gone are those days when branding and marketing of products didn't matter that much. Your products are going to be competing with thousands of other similar products. What makes your product stand out? This is the first question that you must ask yourself. People must be able to spot your product from a distance and notice the value that is attached to it.

— Make sure that you have a strong social media presence. This can be simply done by creating business accounts that are going to be used to market your products.

— Get your marketing collateral in order. This includes your logo, brand identity, packaging etc.


I'm not sure if you might have noticed that brands (especially those of major categories) are becoming more similar and ubiquitous, which cause people to increasingly select based on their prices. If your products are affordable it increases the chance of people buying from you.

— Take a closer look at your business expenses and see what you can do to cut down on costs.

— This will make up for the lost revenue that is caused by lower margins.

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