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Illegal coke manufacturing causes stir on social media. That's why coke tastes different.

Manufacturing of fake goods is high rise in South Africa. The people being accused of manufacturing such goods are foreigners especially those who are involved in the informal and spaza shop businesses.

Their fake products are manufactured, rebrands with packaging of an original brand and they are distributed in their spaza shops in township and they sell them to us, funny thing Is that none of this foreigners support each other they dont eat things they sell to us.

Such things have become a norm in our townships, foreign spaza shops being stocked up with products that has not been produced though the normal manufacturing industry.

A picture had been trending all over the social media about fake manufacturing of coke 2 litres bottles and Sprite. The place where this fake coke had been produced in looked very dirty, like a dilapidated building that doesn't even meet any safety standards for people to live or production of food.

People please be safe of what you buy in this spaza shops,they call us our friends but deep down they are killing us slowly.


Guys please share your opinions on this matter, what have you experienced with this foreigners?

Content created and supplied by: NemataheniKhodani (via Opera News )

South Africa


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