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Big changes coming to Pick n Pay, see how it will benefit you as a shopper

Date: 22 May 2022

Pick n Pay stated on Tuesday that it will split into "two customer-facing brands" as part of a major strategic makeover.

With "excellent pricing" and roughly 18,000 products on the shelves, one will "cater to client aspirations."

The other, dubbed "Project Red shops," will be smaller and less expensive. Pick n Pay stated that instead of focusing on "value," they will simply focus on "cheap pricing."

Only roughly 40% of the products seen on the shelves of a conventional Pick & Pay will be available in the red stores, and many of those will be bulk essentials.

Pick n Pay stated, "Ranges that are crucial to clients have been optimized to fit their demands."

Promotions, many of which will be in quantity, will have their aisle in the red stores. Similarly, the fresh-produce department would "focus on bulk products and market-beating promos," while butcheries will provide bulk frozen and refrigerated meat "at inexpensive pricing."

Pick n Pay and Takealot announced at the same time that Pick n Pay will be coming to the Mr. D app, which is focused on fast-food deliveries.

According to them, Mr. D will sell booze as well as food and supplies from Pick n Pay.

Users will be able to choose whether they want to "purchase meals from restaurants" or "buy groceries" from the start, with the "groceries" area dedicated to Pick n Pay.

Pick n Pay employees will pack the orders, and Takealot drivers will pick them up.

Points for PnP's Smart Shopper loyalty program will be distributed, just as they would for in-store purchases.

The first delivery would be free, according to the company's promotional graphics.

According to the corporations, the service will be available statewide by the end of the fiscal year 2023, with the first trial set to begin in August in Cape Town.

ASAP, Pick n Pay's on-demand delivery service, is available to customers. According to analysts, the Checkers Sixty60 app, which promises delivery in an hour or less, has completely out-competed it.

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