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A new Crypto Currency Phone is being released by HTC, Here are all the details. Opinion.

With more and more people using NFTs, Crypto Currency and Block chains, it makes sense that companies will start catering to those people by creating devices that make their lives easier. One of the companies that have started doing that is HTC. Here are all the details on one of their new Crypto Currency phones and the innovative features it will come with.

The Device :

The new device by HTC will be a phone that is ready to use Web 3. It's called the Desire 22 Pro or the Vive verse phone. The device will allow you to access and manage your metaverse assets such as your NFTs and Crypto Currencies with built in applications. It also has an integrated crypto wallet for Ethereum and Polygon based assets.

The device will come packed with hardware features such as 8GB of Ram and 128 GB of storage. It will also have a snapdragon 695 5G processor and a 4520 mAh battery. You will be able to view all of your content on a 6.6 inch display.

My Opinion :

While this isn't the first Crypto Currency device to be released, Crypto Currency phones are still in their infancy, so I would advise people not to rush out and buy it. Instead in the days that follow its release there will be multiple technology reviewers that do reviews on the phone.

So I suggest that you wait for them before you rush out to buy the device. While having one can be convenient, you do not need a Crypto Currency phone to properly run your investments and keep your NFTs. There are already a number of other services that will allow you to do that.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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