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Opinion - SA Borrows Money From The World Bank

SA Borrows Money From The World Bank

The World Bank has approved a $750 Million loan to SA to help deal with the Covid-19 crisis. Previously, The South African government squandered R500 Billion which was meant to be used for the stimulas package & Covid-19 relief funds.

$750 Million from unrepentant benefactors of Apartheid, Colonialism, Imperialism, Racism, Capitalism and Fascism (WB) to this shit stain on Humanity-cum-Infallible Billionaire with an insatiable appetite and penchant for Organized Crime and Failure and in that order so that he, the WMC FLUFFER EXTRAORDINAIRE, the WB's obedient as well as abiding Imperial Imp may buy his 2nd. Term in office; further reinforcing his treasonous excursion of delaying Uninterrupted black Determination, cementing #ApartheidTies, incapacitating the black collective and rendering this colonial Possession (#SAInc.) of the crown, peddled today under the guise, fallacy and betrayal that is, #TheRainbowNation, a cesspool of Racism, sustained on the backs of black bodies - where wherever black bodies stand has been rendered a perpetual crime scene by #TheNewDawn...

In the colony of Suffer Africa (#SA), this deplorable and proven Pathological Liar is known to his equally repulsive as well as revolting accomplices (Supporters, Patrons, Followers, Gatekeepers, Defenders, Protectors, Praise Singers etc.), equally treacherous and treasonous men and women who, upon seeing their neighbours and even relatives fall at the brutal hands of this serial con man (#WeaponizedMassStarvation - Landless, Unemployment, Retrenchments, Privatization of SOEs, BLACKOUTS, Colonized Education, anti-black system etc.), these same accomplices of the gravest Crimes Against Humanity as perpetuated by their bloody-stench-engulfed Buffalo - a self-proclaimed leader still, still these Landless tools (Thumaminions) think, believe, hope that when sneezes, some of those Billions shall land straight onto their blood soaked hands and nullify all the black bodies that continue to fall for as long as this benevolent Capitalist remains in that Colonial-Imperial construct that serves only to subjugate the native into Generational Servitude (GS) to the crown and it's deployees (self-Naturalized-Legitimized-Mercenaries)...

The scoundrel's accomplices in real-time Genocide call him, Mr. President...

This is his contrived, cowardly and treasonous Legacy.

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