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R6 million borehole at King Cetshwayo District caused a stir leaving Mzansi furious

The Mayor of King Cetshwayo District, Thami Ntuli attended the official opening of a borehole in Nkandla.This whole project caused a commotion on social media after people were made aware that it cost R6 million just for a borehole of which in a normal circumstances it can cost less that R100k. The project is said to assist at least 40 households in the area with water.

As tongues were wagging, many people started to mention the way in which  South Africa is corrupt. According to them, whoever chooses to be a leader or head any project will be set to benefit from it which becomes unfair to the youth of South Africa given the high rate of the unemployment. Everyone was not convinced that a borehole Can cost that much.

It was further explained that  R6-million Borehole Development Project includes other installations which will rate per day  including water treatment facilities, storage tank , standpipes, pump house and related civil and others. Even after this  explanation, Mzansi was still shooking their heads and surprised at how money can be wasted like that as if the country doesn’t have enough problems.

I think the money that goes out should be traced and monitored otherwise we will still cry about same thing over and over again again, I don’t think it is that the ANC as a whole needs to be blamed on this and it’s unfortunate that our country has become a playground and nothing gets taken serious 

Please share your thoughts. What do u think this project is aimed at, is this amount too much to be catering for only 40 households?what can be done to improve as a country and stay away from corruption? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to follow me for more news updates.

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