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Bad News To Hit Hard South Africans This Coming Month

Fin24, Wheels24, TimesLiveGasoline prices in South Africa are likely to climb by seven cents per litre on average during the month of September, according to industry forecasters. The price of fuel and paraffin will climb by 12 and 7 cents per gallon, respectively, in the upcoming months.. According to the Central Energy Fund, the increase in the price of gasoline should not be viewed as a complete surprise at this time.

However, they assert that as long as we continue to spend more than R15.50p/l in the interior of the nation, there is no need to be concerned about the situation. Gasoline prices are expected to climb by seven cents per litre for the first time in two months, according to the Energy Information Administration, with the hike taking effect on July 1st.

It is expected that the price of gasoline will rise this weekend. Diesel and paraffin prices are likely to reduce in the coming months, although the drop will not be large enough to cause a stir. Fuel prices in Mzansi would reach an all-time high if they increase over the current national average of R18.30p/l, which is the current national average price. Even while oil prices have steadied, and this has prevented our domestic expenses from spiralling out of hand, it has done nothing to make fuel more cheap on our shores.

Within Mzansi, petrol is now selling for around R18.30 per litre, while diesel will continue to be available for more than R15.50 per litre in various areas of the nation for some time to come. Following recent allegations that the Central Energy Fund has been discovered all over the place, it appears that there is no valid reason for the price of petroleum to be reduced.

For the month of August, the official gasoline price, which includes a new charge, is listed below.


Seeing such desperation at the siphons is the first time in their lives that drivers in South Africa have had to experience it. Fuel prices are anticipated to climb considerably in August, placing South African motorists in a precarious economic situation. According to the Central Energy Fund (CEF), both the price of oil and the price of diesel have grown significantly in recent months.

On the first Wednesday of every month, because it is the first Wednesday of the month, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy calculates fuel prices. Fuel prices are not computed on any other day by the department. By the 4th of August, it is anticipated that all formal changes will have been accomplished.

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