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Bad News For South Africans From July 1, 2022

Energy control company Nersa claims there is "no possible endpoint" for the country.

Some people expressed their displeasure with the 9.7 percent rise in energy rates that Eskom customers received on April 1st following the country's recent burden-shedding.

When prices rise again in July, things will get worse for South Africans.

Things appeared to be at their worst when Nersa, the energy controller, advised yet another huge increase in power duty.

According to press sources, Nersa has proposed an increase in the minimum wage of 7.34 percent.

According to the Energy Information Administration, electricity costs jumped by 9.6 percent in April of this year.

Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue, predicts that the typical electricity rate in South Africa will rise from R1.33 to R1.46 per kWh as a result of the price increases.

South Africans could be pushed to the edge of bankruptcy by rising prices for essential products, according to Roets.

"Consumers' costs for power have increased significantly in the recent year.

"On April 1, 2021, an increase in GDP of 15.6% was announced for South Africa. Customers who purchased R200 worth of power in the real world received 137.74 real-world power units in exchange for their purchase. In April 2022, if you buy an R200 today, you'll be able to use it." In a BusinessTech story, he claimed this.

People who can't afford to keep their families and businesses viable will be directly affected by increased costs, said Roets.

With the current burden-shedding situation, South Africans face an even greater challenge in dealing with rising electricity costs, he says.

"Customer utility costs have increased significantly during the past year.

"In South Africa, on May 1, 2021, the economy grew by a record-breaking 15.6%, making it one of the country's most significant days ever. Actual kilowatt hours received by customers who paid R200 were really 137.54. There will only be 136.98 identical R200s left in April 2022 if you get one now." After that, he said:


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