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ABSA now allowing your face and mobile phone for banking


Absa has officially introduced its facial recognition technology in its Android and iOS applications. Now customers can easily link their unique facial features to their mobile devices for even greater security. 

According to Absa, ID Facial Biometrics uses facial mapping technology to verify and identify customers when they connect a device to their banking application, and this will provide an additional layer of security. 

“Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it's up to us to make sure you're always up to speed. Therefore, we are proud to feature Absa ID Facial Biometrics in our Absa Banking App, ”the statement said. 

The bank adds that Face ID Biometrics links your unique facial features to your mobile device to create a security barrier that only you can unlock. 

The new feature aims to improve the customer's overall banking experience by reducing the number of trips to the bank to connect their devices to their banking app. Now Absa can safely and seamlessly identify and verify you based on your unique face. 

 "The technology recognizes your face and automatically links your accounts and relevant products, making instant payments more secure and convenient," the statement said. 

Absa says its facial biometric technology is first in its digital banking security, backed by highly acclaimed awards.

Earlier this year it won the Best Digital Innovation Initiative in the Transaction Banking category at the Digital Banker Middle East & Africa Innovation Awards. 

The following is required for a user to configure Absa's facial biometrics: The latest version of the Absa Banking application. A valid cell phone number registered with Absa. A valid photo from the Ministry of the Interior

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Absa Android ID Facial Biometrics


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