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Black Market Alcohol Traders are making a FORTUNE!!OPINION

When the president Mr Cyril Ramaphosa decided to place is under level3, the alcohol ban also came into fruition. It was bad news for alcohol consumers and traders alike, as that meant no more alcohol consumers and no more income for traders. The level 3 lockdown and Alcohol ban did not come without reason, it was a necessary measure to help combat the spread of this global pandemic.

The ban still continues, but traders are not making money. Well some traders in my township have taken it upon themselves to trade alcohol illegally. Well since they are trading illegally they have doubled their prices, some have even tripled their prices because of the huge risk they are taking in trading alcohol, they know should they be caught they could spend a long time behind bars. So I guess maybe these exaggerated prices are a means to make the risk worth it.

Like previously when we were on level5 lockdown, black market alcohol traders emerged and they made a fortune,as they too were charging astronomical prices for the huge risk they are taking. No matter the price people are still buying at the risk of getting caught. Like the last time, black market traders are thriving during this period and are making a fortune.

Should the alcohol ban persist? Let me know what you think. Please comment,like and share below.

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