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Mzansi:Here Is what People Said after Private Security Was Placed On Mines To prevent Zama-Zamas

Private securities are slowly taking charge since SAPS is useless. African came from a very deep long history of colonialism which situation we are today and because of it it will forever impact on our lives as Africans.

up-to-date many of African people do not own mines simple because during the colonial era many mine where only owned by white people here in South Africa and throughout Africa.

and as a result white people managed to dominate the mining industry because they were the only people here in Africa and South Africa who were owning mine's at that time.

What makes natives to be very angry is that even though it is said that Africa or South Africa because it's one of the piece of Africa is that they say it has minerals which worth millions.

yet they people are native are not benefiting from the very same minerals because they're still poor yet the minerals that it is said that they are worth millions are still being mined here in Africa.

Below are comment made by people.

Whites ? The very same people that caused our problems.

So according to you every "white" person in this country has caused problems to you and other natives?.

Come on dawg,we cant continue thinking like that,ive checked majority of your responses,you are right yet not addressing the issue of this "private owned security company".

Let me ask you this , on top of the many points I have raised: what is legal or illegal mining according to you ?


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