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Some Photos Of Malema's Multi-million Mansion That Shows How Rich He Is


Owning real estate, especially your own home, is a huge indicator of accomplishment. When you're a celebrity, everyone wants to know about your personal life, including your net worth, age, and possessions. Today's piece will take a peek at Julius Malema's residence. Malema is a figure that many people are unfamiliar with. They're simply aware of his political activities and don't know anything about him personally.

Julius Malema, the EFF's leader, has two luxurious homes, which has prompted questions about his financial status. Malema bought a townhouse in Sandton, a beautiful district of Johannesburg, according to investigations. According to sources, he invested R3.6 million in the property.

Polokwane, his second house, is an R1 million mansion. As a result of its opulence, it comes complete with a vegetable garden, jacuzzi, and three bedrooms. Because he hosts gatherings at his house on a regular basis, his neighbors have voiced their displeasure.

After seeing photos of his mansion, many people began to suspect him of corruption, claiming that his salary did not allow him to buy such a lavish home. Malema, on the other hand, is not simply a politician; he's also an investor in a number of businesses. My guess is that the money Malema obtained from his business was used to buy his property rather than get into politics. Take a look at the images below to get a better idea:

If you recall correctly, this wasn't his first home. When he was accused of corruption, his first property was sold and all of his possessions were auctioned off to recuperate the money he was accused of stealing.

Many people predicted his demise, yet take a look at the home he now owns. It's bigger and more opulent than the homes of most prominent politicians.

For over R734 000, you may get behind the wheel of Malema's black Mercedes Benz AMG. In addition to the Aston Martin and Range Rover, he owns several additional models of luxury automobiles.

What are your thoughts on his residence? Do you really believe he has the financial wherewithal to purchase a home of this size? Leave a comment at the end of the page.


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