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New Fraudster Skills Aimed At Capitec Users, See How They Take Your Money. Be Wise.

Scams on the internet abound, but they're becoming increasingly nuanced and complex for the typical person. This is the latest Capitec scam used by thieves to steal your money.

An web application claiming to be linked with Takealot is encouraging users to deposit money into the app in order to earn passive income by completing chores.

The assignments are designed to appear as if they are being sent to consumers by Takealot, and once completed, the proprietors pay a reward – generally less than R10.

The previous scam was similar, but it relied on in-app purchases that were enabled without the user's knowledge.

Images of money being deducted from user accounts as a result of unauthorized in-app purchases.

The latest fraud purports to be a new way to earn money on the internet. Takealot verified that the jobs are bogus and that no money is made by completing them.

Takealot has said that it is not linked with the TK Online company (Takealot Online).

The fact that the app purports to be linked with Amazon is the first red flag that this is a hoax.

The owners don't specify how the money is produced from performing the jobs, which is the second giveaway. The software, for example, did not specify where the money came from.

Be wary of these con artists; they're getting sharper and more cunning.

Their ruse is to connect you to a WhatsApp group and convince you that you won't have to spend anything to start making money. However, this is not the case, and most users discover this afterwards. The owners then require a payment in order for you to continue making money through the program, which has resulted in many people depositing their life savings.

The scammers then deactivate the WhatsApp group and disable the program after convincing you to deposit, making off with your hard-earned money.

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