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The owner cries as rain damaged all the stock.

what a loss. I will clean them very quick if time allows and sell meat. Even if I get 50%, it will be better than 100% loss

He/ she can still sell them kunini sidla I braipack and we don't even know when those chickens were slotted.... slote, deep freeze and sell

But it's not that bad loose if they were grown enough to be sold he/she can sell this stock to those who sell food at town like ranks and shisanyama

Not for human consumption but for animals yes you can sell to game farms/Zoo and people who breed dogs

don't just say heartbreak, find the person, if it is one of our own, a R10 contribution will go a long way

Sell them at a cheaper price, as long as they will breakeven. Just to sustain a business.

Some might die, remember they need heat for development & survival. I’m sure few will survive

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